Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Five Poker Tournament Books You Must Own.

I've read and studied too many poker books to count. To save you time and money let me review for you the five best poker books on the market today, in my opinion.

Full Disclosure: I did not list my book since the article would lose credibility and I strongly urge you to consider these outstanding tournament poker books.

1. "Every Hand Revealed" by Gus Hansen

This is my favorite new book on tournament poker. Gus Hansen is one of the top poker pros having won millions of dollars.

In this book Gus takes you through each hand he plays in the 2007 Aussie Millions Event where he won $1.2 million. Not bad for a few days of work. You will learn how and when to be aggressive and the importance of figuring the odds when faced with a player who moves all-in against you. Also, Gus stresses the importance of the antes and how he is willing to re-raise a raiser pre-flop if he thinks he can get his opponent to fold.

2. "Making the Final Table" by Erick Lindgren

Erick Lindgren is another Poker Pro who has made millions of dollars at tournament poker. He just won his first bracelet at the 2008 World Series of Poker.

Erick outlines his strategies on winning no limit events. He will prove to you that the objective on a no limit tournament is not to survive but to accumulate chips. No one has ever folding their way to victory, and if you follow Erick's advice you will won't be sitting back waiting for pocket Aces ever again.

3. "The Book of Bluffs: How to Bluff and Win at Poker" by Matt Lessinger.

You need to know when and how to bluff to be a winning poker player. Matt has written a great book that will not only help your no limit tournament poker game but your poker game overall. I'm not bluffing.

4. "Harrington on Hold 'em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments-Vol I-III," by Dan Harrington

Dan Harrington is a solid tournament poker player and when he introduced his approach to the game back in 2004 it was breakthrough. He introduced players to new moves like the Continuation Bet, and a concept called "M."

While his approach to poker is well-known today, it is something you should fully understand since so many players follow his teachings.

5. "The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide: Tournament Edition" by many poker pros

If you want to get a range of thinking on how to approach all tournament poker games, including no limit tournaments, this is a solid book. Each chapter is written by a different poker pro which makes for interesting reading.

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